What Causes Truck Crashes?

We thoroughly investigate the details of your crash to prove if:

  • Trucking Industry Regulations Were Broken

    • Trucking companies are required to keep extensive driving logs and records. If the driver who caused the wreck was not following procedure, he or she could be held accountable for causing the crash.
  • The Truck Was Not Maintained Properly

    • In the event that the driver or trucking company failed to make necessary repairs to the truck that led to the wreck, one or both parties may be held responsible for the crash.
  • The Truck Driver Failed to Obey Traffic Laws

    • A truck driver can be held responsible if he or she was speeding, failed to obey posted signs, or was driving carelessly at the time of the crash.

As a Texas personal injury attorney, we have cases pending all across north and east Texas, with our principal office in Dallas County, Texas. 

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