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State Fair Safety Tips – It’s Here!!!

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The great State Fair of Texas is just around the corner!  Dallas plays host to this annual event, which is great fun for all.

Here’s a few simple rules to keep in mind to stay safe doing your visit to this Texas tradition:

  1. Stay Hydrated – drink plenty of fluids – it gets hot out there
  2. Keep a watchful eye on your kids – big crowds mean opportunities for children to get separated. Consider dressing in matching brightly colored shirts to help keep track of everyone.
  3. Be sure to wash your hands after petting the animals.  Touching the farm animals is one of the favorite activities for kids. Just make sure we clean up before we move on to the food!
  4. Avoid amusement rides if your see broken parts or an inattentive operator.  It doesn’t happen often, but people can be seriously hurt bon the amusements if they malfunction or fail.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!  The great State Fair of Texas is a real treat and Dallas is blessed to host this great event!

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