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Understanding Texas Car Accident Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Dallas Residents

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Understanding Texas Car Accident Laws: Dallas Resident’s Manual


After a car accident in Dallas, going through the aftermath can be quite daunting. The most important precautions to protect your rights which are often muted down by the confusion and strain. The purpose of this guide is to offer insight information solutions and reveal the true nature of car accident law in Texas as it relates with not only Dallas residents but also across them all. What you do in the moments after an auto accident can mean everything. Safety is paramount for all concerned. You’ll want to call emergency services where necessary, photograph the scene, and collect statements from witnesses. This first stage of the lawsuit is important to lay a foundation for any further legal processes.


If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in Texas, call Oberg Law today at 972-682-9700  for a free consultation with a Texas car accident attorney. Protect your rights and explore your legal options with our legal guidance.

Understanding Texas Car Accident Laws

The victims should therefore ensure that they understand the legal implications of their state regarding such cases.


The state of Texas has a ‘fault’ rule when it comes to car accidents, which effectively means that the blame is based on whose fault an accident is at.

Fault and Liability:


The determinant factor of the car accident claims is fault in Texas. Evidence includes police reports, witness statements and still photographs that form main focal points in the analysis.

Statute of Limitations:

You are given two years after the accident in Texas to sue. This is an important period for defending your rights.


Considering that the injuries may appear ordinary, it is important to see a doctor. Medical records are crucial as evidence that helps in making obviously any hidden injuries would be addressed quickly.

Retaining a Car Accident Attorney in Texas

If you have such a case, it would be vital to seek the help of a car accident attorney in Dallas who will play an important role when traversing through the intricacies arising from your particular situation.

Evaluating Your Claim:

An attorney can determine the merit of your case, factoring in such aspects as fault and damages amongst others on how it affects you.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies:

Licensed to handle insurance flags, an attorney’s role is advocated not just as a free one and by ensuring the right payment for your injury.


It is very important to know the distinction between making an insurance claim and filing a personal injury lawsuit. On one hand, an insurance claim is claimed against the fault party’s insurer while on the other a lawsuit starts in court. Every way there are its procedural details and specifics.


The comparative fault rule in Texas can decrease your damages if you are partially responsible. For example, if you are found 20% responsible for the accident, your damages could be reduced by that percentage.


– Medical expenses

– Lost wages

– Pain and suffering

– Property damage

Further Measures You Can Take to Safeguard Your Right


– Record all costs associated with an accident.

– Do not post any information regarding the accident on social network platforms.

– Never evade any medical treatment.

Oberg Law Firm: Your Accident Scene Attorney


Oberg Law Firm provides full assistance to those who have suffered from car accidents, starting with consultations and ending up with support in the court. This experience in the Texas car accident laws guarantees personalized approaches to every case.




1.What are the immediate measures that have been recommended to be taken after a car accident in Dallas?

Secure the safety, make a call to emergency services if necessary, collect evidence of the scene at once and get all witnesses’ information.

2. What are the implications of Texas’s fault system on my claim to compensation arising from a motor accident?

Liability is borne by the party responsible for causing the accident, which underscores effective determination of fault.

3. When are the deadlines for filing a lawsuit?

You will then have two years from the date of the accident to sue if you should see it necessary.

4. Having known this, why is it necessary to seek medical intervention after a car accident?

This helps in ensuring that all injuries are taken care of and also it gives important medical records used for the case.

5. What are the contributions of Oberg Law Firm to my case in a car accident?

They provide you with legal counsel, help in dealing with insurance companies and protect your rights before the court of law.

Choosing a Car Accident Attorney in Dallas


To sum up, learning and going through the Texas car accident laws alone is a lot of work. Such unbearable hopelessness can be met by a deep and reliable source of legal knowledge for the affected natives in Dallas. Oberg Law Firm is here to help you or a loved one, guaranteeing your rights are protected and ensure that the process of recovery continues without any hurdles. Reflect on your situation: Are you ready to do what is required of you in order not only to protect your rights but also claim compensation that would be due?


Call us at 972-682-9700 or visit Oberg Law to schedule your consultation today. Let us take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on healing.



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