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Personal injury attorney Gregg Oberg formed Oberg Law Firm in 1997 with the purpose of giving personal injury litigation to the injured. In any injury case, whether it involves personal injury, an auto accident, or a car wreck, a number of parties are involved, including medical providers, insurance carriers, the plaintiff, and of course the defendant. Oberg Law Firm handles a number of practice areas and has been serving in Texas since 1997.

Areas we serve in Rockwall County, TX

The personal injury attorneys and lawyers at Oberg Law Office have been serving clients all over Rockwall County, Texas. Our attorneys understand the personal injury laws that apply in Texas as well as other areas in Rockwall County, including Fate, TX, Mobile City, TX, Rockwall City, TX, and McLendon-Chisholm, Texas. The office of Oberg Law Office itself is located at 1839 Ridgeview Street, Mesquite, TX, 75149.

Our Practice Areas

The lawyers and attorneys at Oberg Law Office in Texas can handle a number of cases, ranging from personal injury cases to auto accidents, car wrecks and more. Our personal injury attorneys are highly qualified who have represented clients in numerous car wreck cases. Whether you are looking for an auto accident lawyer, or a car accident attorney in Texas, you just need to give us a call at (972) 682-9700 right away!

We also have lawyers and attorneys who can handle accident cases involving 18-Wheelers and Trucks and Tractors. Whether you are looking for an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer, a Truck & Tractor accidents attorney, or a workplace injury lawyer in Texas, contact Oberg Law Office. We also have Premises Liability attorneys on our team as well. Call us today at (972) 682-9700 for a Free case evaluation.

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